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Following an arrest for DUI, the prosecution may try and convince you to immediately accept a plea bargain. While you may want to end the legal matter quickly and move on with your life, you must understand the lasting consequences potentially that may be associated with the conviction. A prosecutor does not have your best interests in mind when offering a plea agreement. It is vital you have an experienced and aggressive advocate with the necessary legal knowledge to effectively advise you in your DUI defense.

It is also important to understand there are two aspects to any DUI offense. 1) The criminal charges, and 2) the civil or administrative aspect of the charge (which relates to your driving privileges through the MVD). Shortly after an arrest for DUI, the MVD will begin a suspension of driving privileges, sometimes even if there has not yet been a formal charge with the DUI. It is crucial to have an experienced advocate who understands the MVD procedures and can fight to protect your driving privileges. Further, a DUI conviction can lead to the expense and hassle of an interlock device being installed on your vehicle. If installed, you are required to blow into the machine, which is designed to detect any alcohol in your system, and which ultimately controls whether you are able to start and drive your car.

Often we are asked whether a person must submit to a breath test/blood draw if arrested for DUI. While one is not required by law to submit, a refusal will result in an automatic one year license suspension, even if the DUI charges are ultimately dismissed.

Minimum penalties for DUI's range from twenty-four hours in jail, drug and alcohol counseling and approximately $1500.00 in fines, to four months in prison and several thousand dollars in fines. Maximum penalties for DUI's range from six months in jail, thousands of dollars in fines, and ignition interlock device to several years in prison.

RECENT ARIZONA LEGISLATION HAS MADE THE PENALTIES FOR DUI CONVICTIONS HARSHER THAN EVER BEFORE. Now more than ever, you cannot afford to NOT have a skilled, experienced, and aggressive advocate on your side.

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