Medical Malpractice



of Types of Cases

  • Surgical Injuries
  • Injuries from Hospital Mistakes
  • Injuries from Doctor Mistakes
  • Birth Injuries
  • Failure to Diagnose Injuries
  • Misdiagnosis Injuries
  • Delay in Diagnosis Injuries
  • Pediatric Medical Malpractice
  • Injuries From Doctor Neglect

We want/need to trust our doctors — our lives depend upon them. Yet, doctors are human and make mistakes. When a physician makes a mistake it is called medical malpractice. Because medical malpractice often causes catastrophic injuries, doctors carry medical malpractice insurance. Medical malpractice insurance carriers employ skilled attorneys not to protect the doctors, but to protect the insurance carrier from having to pay claims. Thus, it is rare that a medical malpractice claim is settled without going through litigation. The attorneys at Riggs Ellsworth and Porters are skilled litigators who fight for justice for their clients.

We Handle

Serious Injuries, Catastrophic Injuries, or Wrongful Death Cases

The Arizona legislature enacted law requiring the victim injured by medical malpractice to hire an expert witness to testify against the at-fault doctor. The more doctors involved, the more experts are required. Medical experts are very expensive. Tens of thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars are spent on each medical malpractice case. For this reason, our firm routinely declines representation of claims where a doctor or hospital has committed malpractice, but where the damages suffered will not warrant the significant costs our firm will have to spend on the case. Our firm will only handle those with serious injuries, catastrophic injuries, or where the medical malpractice leads to the death of a loved one.

When to Call Us

Regarding a Potential Medical Malpractice Case

The general statute of limitations relating to medical malpractice in Arizona is two years. Unfortunately, some people wait eighteen months or more before deciding to hire an attorney. The problem with this is that before filing a lawsuit the attorneys must obtain all of the medical records, analyze the records, hire expert witnesses, and obtain opinions from the experts BEFORE the two year period runs. Thus, most law firms (including ours) will likely not take your case if there are only months left before the statute of limitations runs. Please call us early in the process to allow us time to not rush through the potential claim.

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